Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Kent Street & Gas Lane..

well I'll be, I never realised that was a 40 zone.... I'm driving to day so I better take note of that....


  1. Is that Gas Lane up the LH top? I wonder why it was called that.

  2. yep, and I don't know.. I will Google...

  3. Found something ...

    44. Australian Gas Light Company
    Jenkins St. The name of Gas Lane off Kent Street is one of the few surviving reminders of the large gas works which used to exist at Darling Harbour of which parts of an office and store are all that now remain.

    Private enterprise fostered the foundation and
    development of the company many of whose subscribers were merchants and professional eople. Gas lighting in the streets was inaugurated in 1841 on 24 May, Queen Victoria's birthday.

    The 44 at the beginning of this passage refers ti the green history 'plates' which dot the city. All this ties in nicely with the gas lamps still down in Argyle Place.

  4. great info...thanks Julie :)