Monday, 26 December 2011

The Big Race....

For more than 60 years on Boxing Day each year the Sydney to Hobart blue water yacht race has attracted interest from all over the world. This is the premier event on the Australian yacht racing calendar.

The race attracts yachts as small as 30-footers and as big as 90-footers, sailed by crews who range from your weekend club sailors to professionals who have competed in key ocean going races from the major yacht racing circuits.

The race is over the 630 nautical miles and begins at 13:00 hours on the picturesque Sydney Harbour on Boxing Day and finishes with a sprint up the Derwent River and the winners being announced at 13:00 hours on December 31st on Constitution Dock, Hobart.

Participants from maxi yachts to weekend racers take part in this event, which starts from Nielsen Park in Sydney Habour and takes the international fleet 628 nautical miles to the finish line in the Derwent River, Hobart.


  1. A bit hard to read today, Jo. Did you go down there on Monday morning? I did too. My shots will be up tomrorow.

  2. This was taken up at Newport, I am down south at the moment so I am on auto pilot for 2 weeks. It is good as I look each day to see what I programmed.