Thursday, 8 December 2011

Goat Island, Western View

SSRE shipyard offers the largest certified slipway facility in New South Wales offering a capacity for a range of vessels up to 650 tons.
  • 650 to 1000 ton slipway with main cradle capable of being loaded to 3,400 tons. Suitable for vessels to 65 metres in length x 12.5 metre beam.
  •  150 ton slipway, suitable for vessels up to 30 metres
  •  20  and 15 ton undercover slipway suitable for vessels up to 45 feet.
SSRE provides deep water and unrestricted navigable access directly to its facility. A berthing wharf with mooring space of approximately 400 metres in length provides excellent in water service capabilities for pre and post refit activities.

Vessels may be berthed directly outside workshops with full service adjacent including shore power, fresh water, compressed air and fire fighting facilities.


  1. Fascinating perspective here. From whence was it taken, I ponder. Not from the Balmain Ferry Wharf which is perhaps a bit more to the right. Perhaps from Ballast Point. Perhaps from a Cockatoo Island ferry ... Pray tell?

  2. It was taken from a house in Birchgrove, the view from the bathroom....

  3. Was this taken from Birchgrove?