Saturday, 3 December 2011

Lang Park

York Street and Lang Park.
Lang Park is bounded by York, Grosvenor and Lang Streets, Sydney. The hill on which Lang Park is situated was bounded by Anglican, Catholic and Presbyterian churches and thus became known as Church Hill.


  1. It looks so different from the air.

  2. It took me a while to work out what puzzled me here. It is that truck crossing over York Street giving the appearance of being on the wrong side of the road! Think I have it now though. Not sure I have ever seen that many vehicles in Lang Street before.

    See St Phillip's there on the LHS. It used to be in the middle of the park (before it was named Lang Park). But it got burned down in 1856 (having been 'built' in 1798). It was the one they referred to as 'the ugliest church in all christendom' because of it hodge-podge of styles. The current St Phillips would have to have one of the loveliest interiors I have come across. It contains relics from the original.

  3. I am featuring St Phillips tomorrow. Just a bit of trivia, I have an ancestor who married in the old St Phillips.

    The truck is an RTA one, it is around the time the readjust the lane markings.