Sunday, 18 December 2011


Sydney Monorail travels through the City and winds its way above Chinatown, the Spanish Quarter, over Sydney's main street, George Street, takes you through the shopping heart of the City. The Monorail then travels past the historic Queen Victoria Building to the entertainment and dining mecca of Darling Harbour.


  1. I nearly went with a monorail shot for Sunday, but instead chose a shot of buildings along CQ to unknowingly pair up with Jim. I will run my monorail shot tomorrow. And then YOU can work out where I was standing. Hee hee ... won't be hard.

  2. I am in the car, like most of my shots, if not up high they are from car... I really wish I had time to walk the streets. But i just capture as we go along. Look forward to seeing your shot tomorrow :)