Saturday, 10 December 2011


Newington Armory is a special place, formerly the Royal Australian Naval Armament Depot (RANAD), it features over 100 heritage buildings of various ages and types, set amidst a 52 hectare riverside landscape of undulating hills and woodlands.

Newington Armory reflects over 100 years of naval occupation and use, and in an even earlier life as part of the 1807 colonial land grant to the pioneering Blaxland Family.


  1. Ah, now I have heard lots about this place but never visited. Shall have to repair that over the summer and work out how to visit by ferry. I think that is possible somehow. Thanks for featuring it.

  2. I've never seen this either.

  3. it is very popular with young families as has a great playground. There is a lot history in the area, which I haven't looked at. You can walk down a level path from Ferry Wharf, the Parramatta River Cat goes right by. It is between Ryde Bridge and Silverwater Bridge.