Saturday, 24 December 2011

Vaucluse, Macquarie Lighthouse.

Looking South

The Macquarie Lighthouse, Australia's First Lighthouse
The Macquarie Lighthouse is Australia's first and longest operating navigational light. There has been a navigational aid on this site since 1791 and a lighthouse since 1818.

The construction of the current Macquarie Lighthouse was begun in 1881 and the light was first exhibited in 1883.

The lighthouse was fully automated in 1976.The keepers were eventually withdrawn in 1989.

Looking North

Merry Christmas everyone, stay safe and enjoy :)
This blog will be running on Auto for the Christmas period.. I will still be checking in to see what you guys are up too. See you all in 2012....


  1. Great views Jo - Have a wonderful Christmas-time & I look forward to seeing more views of Sydney in the New year.

  2. Finally, I might be able to comment. I enjoy both your blogs but for some reason can't post comments most of the time. Have a lovely Christmas Jo.

  3. Look how lush that grass is, Jo. I am hoping to be able to do the Hornby Lighthouse walk betwen Christmas and New Year. Looking forward to it from seeing your images. Have a wonderful break!