Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ballast Point - Walama

The 2.6-hectare park offers Sydneysiders and visitors walking paths, access for cyclists and green picnic spots with incredible views of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority managed the $11 million project, which included acquiring the site on behalf of the NSW Government in 2002.

One of the park's most interesting features is the way the site's history has been brought to life for visitors through design, art and poetry, including:

Tank 101: a structure to symbolise the site's working harbour history
Delicate Balance: an artwork that represents the use of sandstone from the site as ballast for European ships.
Aboriginal history has been recognised in a dual name for the park - Walama - which means 'to return' and highlights the area's transformation from industrial use back to nature.


  1. What fantastic shots! It goes to show that even the most prosaic of objects can hold within them great beauty.

  2. Photography is so interesting; Jim/JBar has featured this site a few times, your shots are completely different. I love the first image.

  3. it was Jim's shots that gave me the idea of going there. One thing about these blogs, they help you discover more about your city/country..

  4. I especially like the bottom shot.

  5. Great shots, Jo. This is a terrific park and the photographic opportunities seem to be endless. Great to see your points of view.