Monday, 2 January 2012

National Trust

The National Trust Building on Observatory Hill


  1. Now that's a view of this building I have not seen before. I love your hi-rise views.

  2. Me neither. Is this the building with the Sam Ervin Gallery in it? I have been into that gallery a number of times, but do not remember this facade at all. I am figuring that this is the south facade. I have lots of detail type shots of the other side, I suspect. I love the colour of the roof and how 'out there' the Coat of Arms is. I gather that to be a pommie CoA.

  3. Thanks Joan.
    Julie, yes to gallery and yes to CoA, I think it is the Royal Arms of England.
    This shot was taken from a new residential building in Gloucester St.

  4. Great view of it. Have wondered how to photograph this for a while. You did well.