Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Bay Run, Part 2

Looking South from the middle of Iron Cove Bridge

Looking East with Iron Cove Bridge at left

The Coarse is from the mouth of Iron Cove Creek at Timbrell Drive, Five Dock, The Bay Run follows the western shore of Iron Cove running parallel to Henley Marine Drive. The path is of good quality on this section as it has undergone significant upgrading in recent years. At Drummoyne, The Bay Run leaves Henley Marine Drive and traverses the Iron Cove Bridge, after which it turns right and follows the eastern shore of Iron Cove. Here it passes through King George Park and Callan Park in Lilyfield. After the Callan Park playing fields the path deteriorates to a dirt track but becomes sealed again at Leichhardt Park. The Bay Run continues through Leichhardt Park until it reaches the bridge over Hawthorne Canal where it turns right and parallels the City West Link Road at Haberfield. The Bay Run then continues along the foreshore of Iron Cove to the mouth of Iron Cove Creek where it completes its circuit
This is taken from the Five Dock side of the walk, looking north east.

Please excuse poor quality as these were taken with my phone...

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