Saturday, 28 April 2012

Reciprocal Youth Tour 2012

The reciprocal tour is an exchange program between the New Zealand Auckland District RSA Youth Council and the Australian New South Wales RSL Youth Council.

The reciprocal tours were the vision of two dedicated men who were former prisoners of war, the late Brian Sexton of Papakura RSA NZ and the late Harry Barnes of the Hornsby RSL NSW.

After WWII it took many years and great determination to make their vision a reality and the first tour took place to New Zealand in 1970.

Through the reciprocal tour they have the opportunity to build on the common heritage that was established many years ago at Gallipoli and is remembered on ANZAC Day in both countries.

The youth who participate on each tour become more aware of the ideals of the RSA/RSL movements in each country and are able to build new and everlasting friendships.

My daughter was privileged to participate in the 2011 tour of NZ.
We said good bye to our billets this morning as they fly home to New Zealand. Another wonderful trip filled with great memories. 

ANZAC March Sydney

RSL, Returned & Services League of Australia
RSA, The Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association, often referred to as the Returned Services' Association but best known simply as the RSA.

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