Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hungry Mile and Barangaroo

 The Hungry Mile is the name harbourside workers gave to the docklands area of Darling Harbour East, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in the Great Depression. Workers would walk from wharf to wharf in search of a job, often failing to find one.

A section of Barangaroo, Hickson Road between the Munn Street overbridge and the Napoleon Street intersection, was officially designated the Hungry Mile in 2009.

Where the name Barangaroo came from:
Barangaroo an important indigenous woman from Sydney's early history who was a powerful and colourful figure in the colonisation of Australia. She was also the wife of Bennelong, another important indigenous figure after whom Bennelong Point is named, the site of the Sydney Opera House. 

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  1. Hi Jo, I've been interested in your posts especially those in & around Miller's Point & Barangaroo. I was "Artist in Residence" at the Hungry Mile and painted many canvases on site recording its last days as a working port.The Barangaroo page on my "Industrial Revelation" blog is and I have a blog "Painting Barangaroo" to give a bit of background history to the area.