Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Rodd Point

Rodd Point sits on Iron Cove, on the Parramatta River. Rodd Point is adjacent to the suburbs of Five Dock and Russell Lea.  The Rodd Point memorial sits in Rodd Park, beside the Dobroyd Aquatic Club.

This is part of Julie's Taphophile Tragics Page.


  1. Fantastic! Great pictures.

    Herding Cats

  2. Bloody hell - what a wonderful piece of history, that I knew nothing whatsoever about. In my more humble of moments, I will admit to not knowing much about so many things!!

    Look at that grilled gate. Pity the poor convicts working inside there, so to satisfy his lordship's ego.

    I have searched Rookwood and Brent C and Brent RT were both interred there 20th November 1903, in adjoining graves in the Old Anglican Cemetery, Section 2. I am starting to know that area well, and will out there again on first Sunday in June.

    Hee hee hee ... now to look on Google to see where this is. Hah, can see it on Google Satellite mainly because the cross is casting a shadow. How eerie! I found a photo of Barnstaple Manor which really just looks like a large English farmhouse. Here

    Thanks for this. Love it.

  3. The part I didn't understand is why the Rotary decided to move them back to the original grave.

  4. Thanks Julie, and thanks for the link to the newspaper, great find :)
    Francisca, only the cross came back to mark the spot.

    I have seen this monument numerous times but it was only last Saturday when taking photos for my other blog that I took time to read it and thought it was interesting.

  5. Got it, Jo. Another one: Brent was 13 when he emigrated. Wonder how he remembered the exact design of the manor...??

  6. The rock elements remind me of a very impressive cairn! And the cross on the top looks so much like some traditional sacred images of a cross on a hill! An amazing feature!