Saturday, 2 June 2012

Cape Banks

looking over Cruwee Cove towards Cape Bank

Shipwreak of the SS Minmi
For more information on walking Henry Head visit Wild Walks.


  1. Cruwee Cove ... what a strange name. After someone I suspect. Love strange elements like the remains of ships. I am meant to be going out to Rookwood for a 'Ships & Shipwrecks' tour tomorrow. Rain or shine. I know which is forecast. May wear my mac ...

  2. Loving all these shots you've shared with us.

  3. Thanks Jim,

    Just some info re SS Minmi "A collier, the Minmi was on its way from Melbourne to Newcastle when it hit the outside of Cape Banks on 13 May 1937."

    Julie, I went looking or should I say Googleing.. "Cruwee was a local Aborigine who reportedly saw the arrival of Captain Cook in 1770. He was still alive in the mid 1850s."