Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Carss Cottage

Carss Cottage is located in Carss Park, it is a picturesque suburb around Carss Point, overlooking Kogarah Bay on the Georges River.

The area was purchased from the Crown on 22 January 1854 by Jonathon Croft for £123. It changed hands several times before being acquired in 1863 by William Carss, a cabinet-maker, who called his property Carss Bush. He built a stone cottage in the 1860s called Carss Park Cottage. After William Carss died, his family continued to live in the house, including daughter Mary Carss. William had left the estate to the trustees of the Sailor Home in Sydney. When Mary died this clause in her father’s will was honoured and the estate passed to the trustees in 1916.

Carss Cottage houses the Kogarah Historical Society’s collection of historical artifacts and photographs.

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  1. I know it well. Just down the road from my aunty's house.