Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Conjola General Cemetery circa 1890

We have driven past this little cemetery many times and have always vowed to one day stop and wonder around. Finally we did. The first thing that took my eye were the daffodils sprouting up out of one grave, straight away I said to my husband that is what I want.

This sculpture was upon another...

A tear was shed on reading this, a young man who never returned from a drive. 

These new graves are of early 1900 burials to think someone cares enough to have at least 10 old graves refurbished is wonderful in my eyes.  

I was so glad we stopped in as it made more determined to have my Grandmothers life acknowledged with a monument of some sort in Stockton. 

This is my contribution to Julies Taphophile Tragics page.


  1. Such a lovely setting! It is always good to see old graves being tended! The cyclist sculpture is so unique! I had no idea where this was in N.S.W. so looked it up! It's in the Shoalhaven district south of Sydney! I often wandered in that area on one of my drives but didn't see this! Now I regret it!

  2. Oh, that first shot is lovely!

  3. Love the sun shining through the daffodil. It would be pleasing for the family of the deceased to see this.

  4. Wonderful shots Jo. On my to do list is to visit some of the older cemeteries in and around Sydney and take some photos along the way. The first one is especially lovely

  5. Yes, I have a number of graves that I would like to place a memorial upon before I toddle off. All in the accounting, m'dear.

    Yes, the daffy is an inspired photograph, as is the cyclist and inspired memorial.

    Conjola is a way down, I guess. I love the feel of the cemetery that you show. Reminds me of the cemetery in Wauchope where my mother is interred. I can just picture kangaroos grazing here in the mist of the morning, too.

  6. Yes indeed, a lotto win would certainly help with the monuments... I am looking forward to Sunday as we are heading up to Stockton to at least visit the area in which my Grandmother is, and fitting too as it would have been my fathers birthday. Poor old Maud didn't have much of a life but without her we wouldn't be here. So you will have to wait for next Tuesday to read about how we went.

    As for wildlife there were dropping everywhere, I even stopped to remove some off one poor fellows grave. I said "mate, I don't know you but you don't deserve this on your grave site" as I kicked it off.

    I meant to include information on Conjola but ran out of time.

  7. I am sitting here watching the tour de France as I look at that cute bike on the stone!
    love the light behind the daffodil shot - perfect way to use the sun.

  8. Gorgeous first image there Jo, it's funny how sometimes you can just see the image before you shoot it. Some of the inscriptions on gravestones are so totally heartbreaking!

  9. the first shot is magnificent!

  10. Great angle on the daffodil, and the bike is a perfect addition to a memorial for a cyclist

  11. Beautiful pictures. Such lovely memorials.

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  12. that bike is great!
    and i like the daffodil picture. very pretty!