Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Light Horse Interchange

The Australian Light Horse Sculpture Parade is dedicated to the heroic troops who served in the Australian Light Horse and their horses that could never return.

It is located in Sydney's west where the M7 meets the M2 passing over the M4. This taken travelling west along the M4.


  1. The first few times I travelled through this interchange, I figured that they were still working on some part of the road! Is it at all possible, do you know, to stop somewhere there, get out and have a meander. Without being killed by other vehicles, you will understand.

  2. Not that I know, hence this taken at 110k's heading west..

  3. Is the sculpture just off to the right in the top image Jo? The interchange looks a little scary, thank goodness for Perth's much simpler road systems!!

  4. Yes, sorry... the red poles and the tall mast.

    "Red, the colour of the Flanders poppy and poppies that bloomed throughout Palestine, is symbolic of the blood of supreme sacrifice and is the colour chosen for the sculptural group.

    The abstract plumage attached to each marker represents the emu plumes attached to the Light Horsemen's slouch hats."