Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Stockton NSW

I have been wanting to visit Stockton cemetery for a few years now, to visit my Paternal Grandmother. Sunday seemed like the perfect day as it would have been my late fathers birthday.

I know the Section and the grave number, but apart from the above map there are no other markings. 
As I walked around I asked Maud to send me a sign, you know like a willy wag tail or a swallow, but  I get an eagle. But he was no help to me either.

I have contacted the council but am still waiting a reply as I would like to be able to give Maud the recognition she deserves. 
See here on the right, this is new headstone that has been laid. If they could find their grave in this patch of lawn so can I. It also looks affordable.

If you look you can see it again just off centre.
This is the area I feel Maud may be.

Maud's daughter Mary erected a cross all those years
ago, I did wonder if maybe the timber cross did survive, but I doubt it.

Or she maybe here? Time will tell and hopefully next time I head to Stockton I will be able to lay flowers.

To read more about Maud life head over here.

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  1. Your journey is frustrating but exciting! So many unexpected bits of information gathered along the way. Like how this post shows the stages of your quest!

  2. So, where was I this morning?

    Know that guy who does all the British digs on the ABC, Tony Robinson. We should send him in to take x-ray images of what lies below the ground here. I want something like that done in Rookwood, just to ensure that all the apparently open spaces, are filled with unmarked resting places.

    I like your idea of a more lasting memorial. One of the reasons for this meme to start with. I figure that by remembering one person, I am paying tribute to many more. What goes around comes around. However, what I have in mind, is a chunk of bush rock with a brass plaques attached. Probably wont be any cheaper, but I reckon they look really Australian.

    There are quite a few wooden crosses out at Rookwood that have withstood the test of time. But Stockton might be more ravished by the elements, as I think it is quite exposed on that side of the mouth of the Hunter.

    Nice to meet Maud, and Cliff.

  3. It can be so frustrating when you go to a cemetery to lactae and grave and find that it's mostly lawn. I hope you're able ti find Maud.

    Herding Cats & Beneath Thy Feet

  4. good luck!
    i liked how you asked for a sign from her... maybe next time.. :)

  5. I have had contact from the council and Maud is at rest in the right of the 4th photo, Yes I am probably standing on her to take the 3rd photo.

    I have just now emailed off for headstone quotes and I have printed out the application form for the council approval.

    Very happy indeed.