Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Sunday was such a beautiful day  here in Sydney that husband and I thought we would  drive out to Parramatta to get my usual weeks worth of photos for the blog. BUT,the traffic was horrendous so we detoured and went to visit his Grandparents instead. 
Rookwood as you would know by reading other blogs is huge it  covers an area of over 300 hectares.
My husband doesn't have the best memory but we didn't need this on Sunday, he just followed his heart and lead us directly to them.

 The Rookwood Crematorium, the oldest operating crematorium in the country. 


  1. Golly, Ivy Murielle lived to a ripe old age. I am finding more and more, that cemeteries are imprinted upon my poor old brain. Is this the crematorium with the sunken garden? I need to go out there to try to determine where my grandfather's ashes were scattered. And my aunts ... I know that neither my father nor my uncle had much truck with preserving sites for family historians. My maternal great-grandfather was cremated and scattered on the sunken garden in 1934.

    Glad to see you spent your Sunday as I spent mine. I am hoping to journey up to Windsor this Sunday coming, if Gladys' train system will co-operate.

  2. It's nice that he remembered where to find the markers. My mom has a good memory for where to find family in the various cemeteries, although it helps that a few markers are under a tree. :) Nice photos!

  3. I'm determined to get out to Rookwood before too much longer. My shutter finger is beginning to atrophy. Right now all I'm doing is visiting hospitals.

  4. Yes she did, she was such a lovely lady all the grand kids loved her. For many years my kids had 3 Great Grand mothers plus both sets of Grand parents, I was very jealous.

    Ivy is in a rose garden directly in front of chapel in picture.

    Ann, I hope all is ok?

  5. The tall tower seems so out of proportion to the size of the building! And the style reminds me of a home with overly large double doors! Most unusual! If only Rookwood were closer to Melbourne, I know I would love to wander there!

  6. Beautiful plcae and beautiful pictures.

    Beneath Thy Feet

  7. those plaques look so small, amazing that he found them!

  8. yes, the gravestones are so tiny!