Saturday, 25 August 2012

I found another one....

Located on the north side of Summer Hill railway station

I came across this one while being detoured due to down power lines in the big winds on Thursday but wasn't able to stop to photograph it. I just went then and there was no where to park, it is Saturday morning 8.15am and no where to stop. So a quick snap shot taken from the car window. 
Enjoy your weekend...


  1. Did you notice if it were boarded up or still in use?

    Why don't you set up a blog specifically for red post boxes like this in Sydney? I reckon that Jim, Peter, Ann and I would all contribute ... then we would have them all documented ... c'mon ... the soccer season is at an end, and you will have endless free time ... *grin* ...

  2. NIce work, I love those post boxes. There is one up the cross. PS like your new layout!

  3. Got that one Peter.
    Julie I am going to have to go back and check that one out, not sure :/
    As for another blog, how many can one person have!! I had thought about it and putting photos of weird letter boxes on it too. I may just do it yet.

  4. So I just did a stocktake up to 10!!

  5. I hope they NEVER take them away, they are such such a fab reminder of days gone by!