Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Coffs Harbour 1

So with our unplanned stop over in Coffs we headed out on FOOT, to explore. 
We have driven through this town too many times to count and as we reach the sign post reading turn right for the jetty we turn left and head up a country road. So the first thing I wanted to see was the Jetty. It was worth the 12k walk as it included some of the best fish and chips too.
These guys and many more of their friends enjoyed the left overs of our lunch.
Now that I am out of Sydney I am in Marks territory so too see more of this area check out Clarence Valley Today Blog


  1. Wonderful. You got a perfect action show. Love it.

  2. Both you AND Joan are into and around Mark's patch. I must get up to the north of our State again ...

  3. A great shot and an interesting blog.