Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I found another...

This one is located at Wilga St & Concord Road, Concord West. 
It is not in use anymore.
My poor husband is getting use to my call of "Look Look Look!!!" I think he is a little concerned with my obsession to locate all these boxes as I get so excited when I see one.
I have another to share with you tomorrow too.


  1. There's a bit missing of the base. ;)

  2. There's a bit missing off the base. ;)

  3. They are totally gorgeous. I can well understand your obsession. The base is quizzical. It is not as though it was on the curb.I wonder if it has been relocated at some time during its lifetime. Perhaps it was on a corner curved because it was a tram route. Lovely to see them. Keep 'em coming. You need to create a 'page' in your blog like Joan has with her 'Royal Hotel' collection. Now that might be more in keeping with Matt's interests ... When we see a Royal we email it to Joan and she whacks it up with attribution. I sent her a Royal from Paris ...

  4. I have looked at Joan's and thought that is what I needed but didn't know how. But I just looked at the help section and I have half an idea of how too now. So let's just say I'm onto it.
    And yes Matt would love to be looking at Royals.

  5. Ha ha ... I was going to say I am just a silly over Royal Hotels. Especially weird given that both my hubby and I are non drinkers.