Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone...

I know its not a Sydney photo but its off my tree, and far from picture perfect. 
But I needed a photo to post so I could wish each and everyone of you a safe and happy Christmas.
Here in Sydney it is now Boxing Day, still cloudy and damp we had to resort to putting jumpers on yesterday. 
How ever you spend this time enjoy it, make memories to last a life time even if only small ones.


  1. Thanks for the Christmas wishes Jo, I'm a bit late catching up, but yes it was a lovely day catching up with family. I hope yours also was fun. Don't apologize for the image, it's perfect for the occasion!

  2. Another late season's greetings from me, Jo! Hope your holiday was full of warmth and good cheer. Looks like your tree was lovely!