Monday, 14 January 2013

My Belly Button...

Manyana NSW South Coast
23rd January 2006, 5.18am

This festival through me a bit, as I am not one for the technical side of photography. 
I just love to take photos and take what grabs my eye, I shop like this too it has to grab me.
 I used this bottom photo for January 1st this year, but the one above was taken years before in same spot.  I saw it on my husbands screen saver and said to him "this is just like the one I took last year". 
I wanted to compare them so why not do it here.

3rd January 2012, 5.02am

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  1. While the colours are more dramatic in the top shot the fisherman is great in the second.

  2. Both shots are lovely in their own way Jo. The first has the benefit of the sun going down and its reflections, but the second is closer in and has the crashing waves against the rocks, I like them both.

  3. I think there's more going on and more interest in the second shot. You've also got the light on the breaking surf. In terms of composition I like them both.

  4. I love them both! The bottom photo has a lesson for me though: find the human element. Although to be honest, I really like the backlit waves!

  5. I love both shots too, but remember the bottom photo from the 'best of' - I love it. I think the person in the shot makes it so compelling (if nothing else, for sense of scale and the awesomeness of those natural elements:)