Wednesday, 6 February 2013

National Day (2) - Waitangi Day (NZ)

Auckland, By Katelyn 2011
We have a lot of involvement with New Zealand through the NSW RSL Reciprocal Tours.

The Reciprocal Tour is an exchange programme between the NSW RSL Youth Club Members and Members of RSA of New Zealand every second year. The two countries are linked by a common heritage in ANZAC Day.


The Tour Party consists of 30 Youth Club members and 3 Officials, Tour Manager, Assistant Manager and Chaperone. Tour lasts approximately 14 days and is organised by the Reciprocal Tour Committee of Youth Council. Selection of ambassadors is very strict and deep consideration is given to the choice of Youth Club members, who are chosen for the tour.

It is the aim of the Tour programme to forge a common bond of heritage, to set ideas and to build new and everlasting friendships. It broadens their outlook and strengthens youth and Youth Clubs in each country.

My daughter Katelyn was privileged to go on the 2011 tour. We have been a host family twice for the RSA visiting tours and look forward to being one again.

2012 tour to Sydney waiting to participate in the ANZAC Day march.
To see more of this National Day head over to City Daily Photo..


  1. What a great little connection, of which I knew zilch!

    Yeah, being first is often nerve-wracking ...

  2. What a great program, with high ideals. Good on them.

  3. So interesting Jo, I had no idea..What an excellent relationship building program.

  4. What a wonderful connection. Growing up, I recall a similar "exchange" program between students across Polynesia, who'd go to Hawaii on scholarship. This is lovely.

  5. Hi Jo -- Great photos here. I'm happy to have crossed paths!

  6. Interesting connections... and nice photos, Jo.

  7. What a great link you have with NZ.