Thursday, 9 May 2013

Small things

My dad use to always say to me "Small things amuse small minds!" Yep oh so true when it comes too me....

This is what side tracked me this morning while hanging out the washing.. Times like this I wish I had an DSLR. 


  1. So, the trick is to work out what the dew has fallen on. Hope it is not a car with all those cuts. Has to be something vertical as the drops are very regular, and do not appear to be falling. That gutter is supposed to be a clue, I suppose.

    How about the seat of a plastic chair left around the pool overnight?

    Yeah, Matt. Give her a bloody DSLR to take to bloody Tassie ...

    1. So close... a plastic table sitting by the pool :)

      I will get one day :(

  2. I love this type of shot. In the old film camera days I imagined being able to take photos like this. Now it is so wonderful to be able to snap away regardless of the camera ... just so long as it is digital

  3. It's the small things that sometimes make the biggest difference. I love these close-ups. For ages I took pictures on film camera, only got my point-and-shoot 48 months ago. I hear you on the DSLR (I wish I had a real camera many days), but you caught magic here.