Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October Theme Day Detail

Well, lets just say planning to move into a 4 bedroom holiday home needed a lot of detail!
For 18+ months we have been accumulating everything needed to move straight into another house. So our already full 3 bedroom home had become very FULL. But our detailed lists ensured nothing was missed out.
So yesterday was the end of the very long countdown to our biggest goal so far, our first house.

So here are some photos of what paying attention to detail brings you. And this isn't all of it there is more!

Majority of stuff lined up waiting for truck

From the other end, yes you can't forget the dog.
 It is actually because of Finnegan we found this piece of paradise down the coast.

The odd shaped stuff waiting for cars and leftovers for truck.

can't wait to unwrap my new lounges.

Happy Theme Day everyone, Sorry in advance if I don't come and visit this month but I am busy unpacking and enjoying where we call paradise.

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  1. How exciting. Nesting is always fun. Though I generally prefer to move in then add the pieces as the place grows on me.

  2. Very cute details, nice photos!