Friday, 27 January 2012

Barangaroo, Part 1

Above is prior to Barangaroo, when it was still a shipping port used by Patrick Stevedore's. Shipping came to an end here in 2006 and was moved to Kurnell.

This area will be turned into the Barangaroo Headland Park, it will be a spectacular place for everyone to enjoy.  It will provide a new vantage point for Sydneysiders and visitors alike to watch the action on Sydney Harbour at the same time as they soak up the atmosphere of six hectares of lush, naturalistic parkland. There will be cycleways and walking paths which will bring people right down to the waters edge where they can touch the harbour in sandstone rock pools.

Below is what it looks like today. Tomorrow I will show the rest of Barangaroo and what plans lay ahead for this area.

The area in which the cruise termina


  1. Great seeing a different view of it.

  2. Great captures, Jo. I always like your elevated viewpoints, makes for some great panoramic shots.

  3. I will be interesting to watch this new parkland develop. For a while I lived in an apartment with a view across this blank stretch of bitumen, the only time it came alive was when the Pope visited. The regular visit or the cruise ships were also fun.

  4. It could be great, have to wait and see.