Saturday, 28 January 2012

Barangaroo Part 2

This area will be turned into Barangaroo Central which will be a stimulating place with civic, educational and recreation spaces and things to do. It will be an area for the community with buildings and open-air spaces for festivals, entertainment, arts, culture and educational activities.

Barangaroo South will be a true mixed use precinct consisting of commercial office buildings, residential apartments, an international hotel, shops, cafes, restaurants, and cultural facilities. 


  1. Sounds like they've got big, very big plans for this area Jo, do they have a estimated date of completion yet? Meanwhile what a great shot of the cruise ship, they are so enormous!

  2. I am planning on taking monthly photos to watch it grow (But gee I hope I am not still cleaning in 13 years time). The plans according to their website is:
    2015: Headland complete
    2018: Central complete
    2019: Northern residential buildings at Barangaroo Sth complete
    2025: Whole project complete

  3. Love those cruise ships there.