Friday, 9 December 2011

Thomas Walker Convalescent Home

This spectacular building adorning the Parramatta River was built as a convalescent hospital by philanthropist Thomas Walker in the late 19th century and designed by John Sulman in the Queen Anne style. Internally reflecting the influence of Florence Nightingale on 19th century hospital organisation, its grounds are an intact example of older style institutional gardens. The Concord Heritage Society takes tours to the site and can supply details of open days. 

The Thomas Walker Convalescent Hospital is situated in the Municipality of Concord on the Parramatta River bounded by Brays Bay and Yaralla Bay. It is a large complex on a large park-like riverside estate, with extensive and prominent landscape plantings, making it a landmark along the river. 


  1. Fantastic photos of a beautiful place that might as well have been in the English countryside!
    Definitely a place to put on the "to visit" list when I am in Sydney!

  2. It is a very wierd sort of a place. I used to drive my demented father everywhere on a Saturday morning to put some joy in his life. One very cold morning, must have been 2008, we ended up in the grounds of this place, watching some horses go through their jumps routines.

  3. That's interesting I did not know about this place.